Serve provides students an opportunity to serve the Wesley body or the Athens community. Active participation in the Wesley body is required and discipleship is encouraged.

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CrossTrainers exists to create loving, Christ-centered mentorships between college students and at-risk kids and teens in our community. These college students meet one-on-one with their assigned kid a few times a month as a means to demonstrate the love of Jesus and help them grow into the young man or woman they were always intended to become. Through CrossTrainers, you will have the opportunity to experience cross-cultural ministry by loving children in need, serving the local Athens community.
Expectations and Time Commitment For Mentors: 2 hours/week
  • Meeting with your assigned child/teen (1 hour every other week)
  • Attending Spring Retreat and monthly group events for kid/mentors (time varies)
  • Wesley Service (1.5 hours)


Encounter is an opportunity specifically for upperclassmen to take what we learn about God and turn it into a lifestyle. We will emphasize how to know God’s voice for yourself as we are led in expressing His love toward others and serving the community around us. As a group, we will learn together how to take the things of God that could seem lofty and make them practical and tangible. This growth and application will happen through our weekly group gatherings and our monthly Encounter Nights. Encounter is for 3rd/4th year students.
Expectations and Time Commitment: 3 hours/week
  • Tuesday night large group with monthly Encounter nights (1.5 hours)
  • Wesley Service (1.5 hours)


Prayer exists to help students develop a personal prayer life while learning about intercession and identity. Prayer is a ministry of people interceding on behalf of Wesley, Freshley, the campus and Athens. Throughout the year, we will gather to learn about the practicals of prayer while also learning more about who we are and what that means as persevering people of prayer. Our weekly large group will consist of teachings, intercession and small groups led by senior students and Prayer interns.
Expectations and Time Commitment: 3 hours/week
  • Sunday night  (1.5 hours)
    Wesley Service (1.5 hours)


Wesley partners with local churches around the Athens area to assist their youth pastors as they pour into their youth by helping them run their Sunday Night Youth Services. The youth leader primarily functions as a Sunday night small group leader to middle or high school students. In this role, they will be building relationships with and leading the middle and high schoolers in their faith and getting great hands-on ministry experience with youth in the Athens area.
Expectations and Time Commitment: 5-6 hours/week*
  • Sunday Youth Activities (2-4 hours)
    Wesley Service (1.5 hours)
    *Retreats and Other Special Events  (Time varies)


Remember, you must fill out a separate application for each area you wish to be a part of. For example, if you wish to lead a small group, serve with CrossTrainers and be discipled, you will fill out a Lead, a Serve, and a Discipleship application separately.
Email for questions.