Short Term Studies

Short Term Studies are a new way to get involved at Wesley! They will be offered throughout the year lasting anywhere from one to six sessions (usually probably around two or three sessions over two or three weeks). They will focus on various topics such as prayer, finances and the Bible! Below you can see what is currently being offered, and we will keep the list updated throughout the year!

Be The Bridge

Be the Bridge is a curriculum-based small group where members of the Wesley body can meet to engage with, learn about, and discuss race in our culture through the lens of Christ. Be the Bridge groups are for people of all races and ethnicities. Groups for this study will meet regularly with individuals of various racial and ethnic backgrounds to engage in conversations about race, justice, and reconciliation. These conversations can be heavy and hard at times, but they are worth every bit of it and bring connection to people in a significant way.

This short term study has different time and length options that can be found on the application.


Our first short term study of the semester will be led by the director of Short Term Studies, Hannah Cole, and will focus on the topic of prayer.

We will spend three sessions over three weeks learning about prayer: why it's important, how we pray in different scenarios, and much more! Our heart going into this study is that that each person will realize how important and powerful their prayers are, as well as realize how deeply God is for them and with them.