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  • Aaron vickroy

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  • dawson allen

    3Rd year intern | ENCOUNTER & HR

    Dawson Magoulas Allen is a third year Encounter and HR intern. He is an Athens native and a recent UGA graduate, with a degree in International Affairs and Political Science. His love languages are good conversation, hot coffee, cold weather, and words of affirmation, and he legitimately loves being asked about his middle name.

  • mckenna denman

    3Rd year intern | WORSHIP, prayer, AND HR

    McKenna is a third year intern from Kennesaw, GA who serves on our worship staff, prayer staff, and HR team. She loves to learn new things, have heart-to-heart conversations, and ask people questions. She graduated in May 2015 with a degree in Human Development and Family Science, so she loves to learn about people! If you want to spend some quality time (her top love language) with McKenna, join her for a game of spikeball, have a jam session, or watch an old movie with her. If you ever see her around Wesley, please introduce yourself because she loves meeting new people!

  • ashley gibson

    3RD year intern | freshley

    Ashley is a third year Freshley intern. She is most commonly known around Athens as “Gibs.” She graduated from UGA in 2015 with a degree in Middle Grades Education. She has a bunny hop that the people love and a Beiber cd ready to go at all times. She loves to laugh and be a friend. She is extremely grateful for the past two years and is SO excited for one more year at Wesley and in Athens.

  • monesha grant

    3RD year intern | connect & encounter

    Monesha is a 3rd year Connect and Encounter intern. She has finally graduated from UGA with a degree in Human Development and Family Science (she didn't choose the victory lap life, the victory lap life chose her). She loves Mary-Kate & Ashley, sitting in the sun when it's breezy out and driving around while jamming to good music! If she could give everyone one piece of advice, it would be to enjoy their journey to wholeness, even the messy parts. No one else can write the story that your life is meant to tell!

  • Billie anne hardigree


    Billie Anne graduated from UGA in May 2016 with a degree in Biological Engineering. She loves meeting new people and traveling to spend time in different cultures to see and be a part of how God is moving across the world. Billie Anne is excited and honored to be a part of the Discipleship/Leadership staff this year and to equip students with skills to disciple that will go with them past their time at UGA! Hit her up if you're into Harry Potter, dessert, shoes, BOOKS, High School Musical, cheesy 90s movies (specifically featuring Hugh Grant), OR if you need decorated sugar cookies for your upcoming event :)

  • benji johnston

    3RD year intern | wesley 1040

             thought leader // hummus eater

                      coffee mug breaker // recovering procrastinator

           big fan of Vikings // really likes biking

          always scheming // or day-dreaming

    amateur minimalist // aspiring futurist

  • megan mcgahee

    3rd year intern | OUTREach & hr

    Megan is a third year intern serving with Outreach, the HR team, and Encounter. She graduated in 2014 with a degree in Animal Science and a minor in Dairy Science. If you're ever looking for her, she's probably either at 2 Story, on the farm, or on a mountain somewhere. She desires to see an adventurous spirit and a sense of awe and wonder awakened in the hearts of those around her. She absolutely loves to travel because it gives her the chance to learn new things about different cultures and the uniqueness of this world.

  • becca MORGAN

    3RD year intern | media & STAFF DEVELOPMENT

    Becca graduated from UGA this past May with a degree in Advertising. She is obsessed with surfing even thought she’s never done it, and loves running, Chick-Fil-A and fountain Coke. Becca is super excited to reach students through social media this year but MOST excited for the people she gets to spend her year with at Wesley and in Athens.

  • ladd morgan

    3rd year intern | connect & STAFF DEVELOMENT

    This is year three on staff for Ladd and now he's not the only one with the last name Morgan. He got married to Becca! Get Ladd a taco and he's a happy man. Ya know what they say: a taco + a wife= a good life. 

  • justin patton

    3rd year intern | worship & media

    Justin is a second year intern with Worship and Media. He studied Publication Management at UGA but he would much rather do something with puppies than work at a boring old newspaper. The most influential people in his life are his dad and Boba Fett.

  • ashlyn skaar

    3rd year intern | discipleship leadership & HR

    Ashlyn graduated from UGA in the spring of 2015 with a degree in Consumer Journalism. She considers herself a semi-professional interior decorator and enjoys listening to audiobooks in her 1999 C-RV. Ashlyn loves a good pun and is a self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur. She does her own stunts.

  • sara bachtel

    2nd year intern | prayer & wesley 1040

    Sara Bachtel is a Prayer and Crosstrainers intern. She started out as an English major before switching to human development and family science. She loves people and the art of story - both hearing and telling! She dreams with God about doing missions one day long-term and writing children's books.

  • tim del risco

    2nd year intern | freshley

    Puppies or kittens: unfair, please don't tear my heart in two

    On why I rock the stubble: you gotta give them what they want

    Favorite quote: if its not on purpose, it will most likely lack purpose

    Favorite thing to do: smile

    Longest streak of consecutive testimonies at the thursday morning staff meeting - how many times have we had the chance to share? That many times would be my streak

  • rachel dow

    2nd year intern | prayer & encounter

    Rachel is a second year Prayer and Encounter intern, so basically she just wants to talk with God all the time. She graduated in 2016 with dual degrees in Latin and World Languages Education and plans to bring Latin back to life. A few of her favorite things: dreams (both nighttime and daytime), travel, horseback riding, hiking, peonies, red pandas, nature, and ice cream. Her dream is to live in the National Parks and somewhere across the world, carrying the Good News and encountering God. 

  • callie jo fowler

    2nd year intern | youth & MISSIONS

    Callie Jo is a Youth and Missions intern who graduated in 2016 with degrees in Animal Science and Latin. When she's not loving on her babies at her youth group, she is typically drinking coffee or tea from an owl mug with her nose in a book (all three of which are her love languages...). She strives to be genuine and transparent in all aspects of her life, and she wants everyone to know the loving heart of the Father. 

  • erin gilleland

    2nd year intern | media

    Erin is back for Round 2 at Wesley, but she's probably still talking about Gilmore Girls or scrolling through available dogs online. You can find her searching for the perfect seat at different tables around the intern office.

  • gabby graham

    2nd year intern | worship

    Something you should know: I am not what you expect

    Favorite staff activity: anything when I can put my football talents on display

    Pet Peeve: losing my keys

    On being a redhead: It’s magical

    On being a worship leader: Its a balance of humility and hope….humbling every time while also being full of hope when the Lord shows up and does what only He can do

  • natalie griffin

    2nd year intern | encounter & connect

    Preferring things being quiet or things being loud: shhhh.

    Musical taste: female singers with electronic sounds is as tasty as it gets

    On why wonder woman could beat superman: because she is a wonderful woman

    Best mission trip Wesley takes: Bethel - no question

    Most surprising thing about me: shhhh.

  • sarah ashley haygood

    2nd year intern | connect & encounter

    SarahAshley or SA to the people who know her, graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Organizational Communications. She will be serving on the connect team as a second year intern and lead a small group for encounter this year. She has a great family and can't wait to make you feel like you are part of hers. If you ever need to talk, she's a great listener. And she also appreciates a sarcastic sense of humor. And hugs.

  • chandra jones

    2nd year intern | prayer & encounter

    Chandra graduated in 2016 from UGA with a degree in Human Development & Family Science and a certificate in Disability Studies. She loves good music, life changing books, and is always down for a good Netflix binge. She's a gluten-free foodie and loves to cook and bake with her roomies, aka her best friends. Hugging humans is her favorite, with naps as a close second. She has an adorable small dog named Sammie, who she loves dearly. Soy lattes from Two Story will always make her day, and she has been seen on a few occasions eating a Gigi's cupcake for breakfast. This year at Wesley she is especially excited to see God move through Encounter & Prayer, as well as disciple and love "her girls." Her passion is helping others step into who they truly are when they realize how fully the Father loves them.

  • merrick laughridge

    2nd year intern | FRESHLEY

    Favorite things: fun at all times, beautiful things, and milk in a bag

    Perfect date: the one that never ends

    One line testimony: Jesus is cooler than you think

    Describing my appearance in three words or phrases: versatile hair, contagious smile, excitable expressions

    On driving a jeep: if you dont, then you wouldn't understand

  • hunter macinnis

    year intern | media

    Hunter is a second year media intern. He hasn't used shampoo since 2015, wants to diminish the role of ketchup as the "main" condiment, and started and ended his acting career in a Pepto Bismol commercial in 1995. His goal for the year is to Live Más. 

  • morgan reed

    2nd year intern | discipleship leadership

    Morgan is a second year Discipleship Lead intern. She graduated from UGA in May 2016 with a Communication Studies degree, which led her to the scenic route of becoming a nurse (sorry mom and dad). Morgan loves discussing various mac and cheese recipes, God's heart for the nations, as well as the "Joey and Rachel" plot line from Friends. 

  • kelly riner

    2nd year intern | freshley

    Kelly is a second year Freshley intern with a heart for kind words, good music, and spending time with her people. If you need her, she can always be found at Sonic Happy Hour with an Ocean Water and corndog in hand. She loves all things The Office and Georgia College. Go Bobcats!

  • samantha roundtree

    2nd YEAR INTERN | connect

    On the ever changing hair color: Once I changed the question about coloring my hair from ‘Why’ to ‘why not,’ the world just opened up.

    What evokes great memories: the smell of Disney World water

    On being emotional: I can laugh, I can cry, I can feel, I can intuit - whats not to like about that?

    On God speaking to me: Oh yes, like on the regular

    Hope and dreams: I cant tell them all, but I cant wait to walk with Him into them all

  • james shafer

    2nd YEAR INTERN | wesley 1040 & youth

    James is a second year intern specializing in Wesley 1040 and Connect. He graduated in May of 2016 with degrees in Middle Grades Education and Psychology with the intention of going to grad school to study school psychology (go figure). His free time includes baking, crocheting, candle making, and picking up other random, unrelated hobbies. Movie nights are a favorite past time of his, especially viewings which include particularly quotable films such as O Brother, Where Art Thou? or the Princess Bride.

  • nick spencer

    2 YEAR INTERN | freshley

    Nick Spencer is a first year Freshley intern. He is a recent graduate from UGA where he studied business management. His hobbies include playing Fifa, basketball, disc golf, and Pokemon go. His spirit food is a #1 with a sweet tea from Chickfila. He is believer that the Holy Spirit is gonna do some work in lives this year!

  • christa tanella

    2nd YEAR INTERN | discipleship leadership

    Christa may have been born and raised in Texas, but Is a flower child at heart. She likes to pack her schedule from 8am to 11pm, loves buzzfeed videos, running around barefoot, and adding "your mom" to the end of your sentences. Don't worry if you don't think her cheesy puns are hilarious, she does, and that's all she needs. She isn't her fellow intern Gabby Graham but loves the constant fun of being mistaken for her. Want to see the resemblance for yourself, scroll up. 


    2nd YEAR INTERN | connect & encounter

    Donna is a second year intern who loves spending time with her cat, her friends, and the Lord. She enjoys beaches on overcast days, jumping on her bed to YouTube playlists, and watching documentaries and horror movies. 

  • mona adams

    1st year intern | DISCIPLESHIP leadership

    Mona is a first year discipleship leadership intern. She graduated from UGA in May 2017 with a degree in biology and one day hopes to be a pediatric oncologist in a world with a cure for cancer. She is the first to laugh at you for doing something dumb, while simultaneously fixing it for you. If you ever want to watch a sunset, go star gazing, have a heart-to-heart, bake brownies, or go on a road trip, she's you're girl! 

  • meredith ashburn

    1st year intern | media

    Meredith is a first year intern at Wesley and a senior at UGA earning her degree in Marketing. Her favorite things include soft blankets, mountains, lakes, thunderstorms, good music, cinnamon coffee, everything autumn & winter, sunsets, animals, curiosity, dad jokes, laughter, and people who see beauty in everything. She will always want to talk with you about what the Lord is doing in your life, dreams, Harry Potter, personality tests, and anything/everything you're passionate about. If you see her, make sure to recommend some of your favorite books - she wants this year to be centered around learning and seeing the world through other peoples' perspectives. If you haven't seen her, go find her because she wants to meet you!

  • emily baker

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership

    Emily recently graduated from UGA with a degree in Mass Media Arts, but don't worry, she's not a film snob. She is, however, a TV snob and can incorporate TV quotes into everyday conversation. Her passions include sarcasm, calligraphy, playing guitar, singing, watercolor art, and watching people step into their identity as a daughter or son of God! 

  • chris blankenship

    1st year intern | worship

    Chris is a first year Worship intern. He graduated in fall 2016 with a degree in Business Management and certificate in Music Business. If Chris isn't at Barberitos or getting coffee, he's probably running (because of the Barbs), watching the Braves, or exploring the wonderful world of It's always a good day to have a great day!

  • Abigail bradley

    1st year intern | Prayer

    Abigail graduated from UGA in 2017 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. When she's not at Wesley, you can find her on the couch watching Friends, Fuller House, Bones, or anything Disney. That or playing basketball somewhere. Abigail's home away from home is at FlipFest summer camp where she spent all summer #whutwhut "One bite at a time."

  • colin chance

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership

    Colin is a first year intern with Wesley. He is currently getting his bachelor's degree in Global Studies from Boyce College. If you'd like to bless him, you could do so by giving him the gift of ice cream! If you'd like to know what he's passionate about, ask him about the gift that you just gave him! If you'd like to know more, ask! He loves to share. 

    "My story is not my own. It belongs to Jesus. But He has given me the joy of telling it."

  • jamie cherf

    1st year intern | media

    Jamie is a first year media intern and a recent graduate of UGA. She loves having people over, efficiency, laughing, and claims vanilla lattes with soy milk are a taste of heaven. She is excited to see people walk in greater freedom this year. 

  • Sarah colwell

    1st year intern | freshley

    *Ice Ice Baby Instrumental*

    Stop. Collaborate and listen. Sarah here, a Freshley First Year Intern. God's got a hold of her tightly and watching The Office is what she does nightly. Quality time and words are a go, think of a song and the lyrics she'll know. Chickfila and Moose Tracks Ice cream, 90s throwbacks, Instagram caption queen. Relational and a fan of cheap thrills. Middle Grades Degree cause she has a strong will. Jamaica is where she thrives. The Freshmen class makes her come alive. Joy she'll bring it and have a good time. Think you'll out rap her? Get in line. Got a problem, let's resolve it. #youmatter let the DJ revolve it.  

  • lindsey conway

    1st year intern | media

    Lindsey is a first year intern serving on the media team. She loves writing and people, which is why she’s finishing up a degree in journalism at UGA. Lindsey loves running, the feeling of a crisp fall morning, Oreos, the color green and snuggling with cats. She is so excited to be at Wesley and for all the things God has in store for the UGA campus this year.    

  • tanner davis

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership & missions

    He graduated with a degree in He's hoping to one day work in infectious disease at the CDC, so if you ever need a post apocalyptic contact he's your guy. He loves good food, especially chicken and waffles, so if you have any reccomendations then make sure to let him know. He also loves tattoos, so make sure to ask him about his and show him/tell him about yours. 

  • Kalli drake

    1st year intern | DISCIPLESHIP, dance, & encounter

    Kalli is a first year intern on the Discipleship/LEAD, Dance, and Encounter staffs. She is currently finishing up her degree in Journalism at UGA with a minor in Communication Studies. She loves getting to know people and teaching tap dance to her students in Loganville. She's happiest when in a good conversation, giving out hugs and compliments, or while wearing a pair of tap shoes. She's passionate about all women living like they #donthaveinsecurities and loving exactly who they are. 

  • aubrey gold

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership

    Aubrey is a first year intern on Discipleship/Leadership Team and also leads a Freshley Prayer small group. She graduated in May 2017 with a degree in Spanish and a minor in Human Development, and hopes to attend graduate school to pursue a Masters in Counseling for Marriage and Family Therapy. She has a passion for calling people into the abundance of Christ, and leading people through the dark times in their life by providing hope for them in their journey. Her love languages include: Chick-fil-A, iced coffee, movies, and a good adventure up a mountain, so hit her up if you wanna hang. She also can be seen holding a coffee mug 97.9% of the time, but is it always coffee? The world may never know.

  • tori grubbs

    1st year intern | prayer & administration

    Tori graduated from UGA with a degree in Religion (proud of her minor in History too) and decided to intern for more reasons than she can count. Go to person for soap boxes (she loves them!), anything concerning Pride and Prejudice,  baked goods requests, and not beating around the bush (especially when it comes to your identity as a Child of God). If you need to find her, check the Prayer Chapel first, then make the coffee shop/Asian restaurant rounds.

  • emily gwaltney

    1st year intern | crosstrainers

    Emily graduated from UGA in May 2017 with an Early Childhood Education degree. Her perfect day would start with coffee and end with Coke Zero (RIP), include a great book, consist of an all-day torrential downpour, and then a movie-marathon with sweet friends. You can catch her weeping on the daily (over basically anything) and searching for new music. Emily is most excited to see the Lord usher in breakthrough within the student body and to love on the students (young and old) in Athens! 

  • Catherine harris

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership

    Catherine is a first year Discipleship/LEAD intern from from Cartersville, GA. She graduated in May 2017 from UGA with a degree in Marketing. She could describe her college experience being fueled by a Jittery Joe's iced latte and a Marti's at Midday Martha's salad. She can literally talk about anything, but try not to mention the words "feet" or "moist"! Her favorite topics of discussion include the NBA, preferably Steph Curry and Kevin Durant (Warriors>Cavs, sorry, Aaron Vickroy), UGA football, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians (pray for her). When people ask what her passion is, she easily answers "people." More than anything, she wants every single person to feel the wonderful love of Jesus! 

  • scottlyn james

    1st year intern | DISCIPLESHIP leadership & ADMINISTRATION

    Scottlyn is definitely not the country, but she is a first year DL and Admin intern. She would love to hang out to talk about your personal finances over a cup of cream with a splash of coffee. She obsessively cuts her hair shorter and shorter. She will drop everything she's doing for a chance to play spikeball in a grassy area. Got a story to tell? She is the best listener around. Scottlyn is pumped for this year at Wesley and is passionate about students understanding how God uniquely created them to be.


    1ST year intern | prayer

    Amanda will graduate this December with a degree in International Affairs and Korean Language and Literature. She loves sweater weather, hot coffee, and traveling the world. If she's not praying outdoors, she's probably watching Criminal Minds on repeat. 

  • niki johnston

    1st year intern | connect

    A recent graduate from Queens University of Charlotte in NC, where she spent most of her time in a pool claiming three national titles with her swim team. She likes to dabble in the kitchen, has gotten better at finding joy in the present moment and likes to learn about her people via their favorite books. She believes cold brew goes well with all and roams the aisles of grocery stores for fun. She's a member of the only sibling set on Wesley Staff this year, and is fascinated that she gets to learn how to love a God who doesn't call us to compete, but to be still. 

  • stephen kesler

    1st year intern | worship

    Stephen is a first year worship intern on keys and fifth year student finishing up his degree in Landscape Architecture. When he's not doing schoolwork, he's probably playing music, drawing, playing golf (poorly), or watching the office for the tenth time. His biggest joys and heartbreaks have come at the hands of Georgia Football, but his love for the red and black will never fade.  

    "''You miss 100% of the shots you don't take -Wayne Gretzky' -Michael Scott' -Stephen Kesler"

  • Alyssa kumle

    1st year intern | advancement & dance

    Alyssa is a first-year intern for connect and encounter. She is from Alpharetta and got her degree from the University of Georgia in Human Development and Family Science with a certificate in disability studies. She is extremely passionate about art and music. She enjoys painting, playing guitar and going to festivals and concerts or traveling to different places. She has a heart for people of different cultures and backgrounds, and wants to help those who are hurting. She sees Wesley as a stepping stone into her own healing ministry in the future and wants to be a life coach for others, helping them step into their true identity and calling.

  • nick luly

    1st year intern | connect

    Nick grew up in Canton, Georgia and attended Creekview High School, where he played football and ran track. In college, He studied at Georgia Tech before transferring to UGA to finish his degree in psychology. As a student, his favorite Wesley memory was riding through Bangkok in a Tuk-Tuk (miniature taxi), packed between UGA-lineman Preston Mobley and Benjamin Bisson. His main hobbies are hiking, playing instruments, watching suspenseful movies, and playing with his dog. He is really excited to see people discover their identity in Christ this year!

  • maddie marsh

    1st year intern | crosstrainers

    Maddie is finishing up her last semester at UGA with a major in psychology. If you see a girl in a headband laughing uncontrollably, it's probably her. She enjoys trying new things: especially when it involves food or the outdoors. She also loves knowing people, seeing them as the perfectly unique gift that God created them to be, and giving them the space to discover who that is.

  • stephen osborn

    1st year intern | prayer & youth

    Stephen is a first year intern with the UGA Wesley foundation working in the Prayer and Youth ministries. He recently graduated with a Finance degree and wants to one day work as a financial advisor for families and small businesses. He likes movies, quality time, eating new foods, and any book that can make him laugh. Mostly he just likes anything that can make him laugh.

  • ruthie parham

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership

    Ruthie is a first year intern who is serving on the Discipleship Staff. She worked as a fitness instructor for 4 years before coming to Wesley. Though she loves all things fitness, she also loves her ice cream - especially Ben and Jerry's Tonight Dough. In her free time you can find her working out, getting outside or playing with her nieces and nephews on the weekends. 

  • kyle pickett

    1st year intern | DISCIPLESHIP leadership & youth

    Kyle Pickett is a first year Discipleship Lead and Youth Intern. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a BBA in Marketing and a Sport Management Minor in May 2017. He has a huge passion for sports but an even bigger passion for Jesus and to see others grow deeper in their walk with God. His hobbies and interests include the Dawgs, FIFA, watching sports, Star Wars, traveling, Fantasy Football, dad jokes, playing soccer, basketball, and spikeball, and most importantly, cheering on all Boston teams! Go Patriots!

  • adam salway

    1st year intern | freshley

    Adam is a 1st year Freshley intern. He graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Human Geography and Geographic Science. He loves good stories, dogs and has a special affection for sunrises, sunsets and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (Seriously, the quickest way to my heart is with a chocolate chip cookie). He also loves writing and thinking about different ways to see the world. So if you ever want to have a conversation about anything at all, stop and say, "Hey! Let's talk!"

  • brad schiebel

    1st year intern | media & youth

    If you have anything to ask regarding Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, or Middle-earth mythology, Brad is your guy. Because of his love for Nerdmania, Brad hates small talk. When asked about what he is doing with his sport management degree, his deterrent is to watch videos of really cute animals being mischievous.

  • sarah shelnutt

    1st year intern | connect

    Sarah is currently finishing a degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Georgia. She is quite fond of British Literature, but most importantly Jane Austen. Eventually Sarah will make her way to law school, but for now Jesus is redefining community and growth in her life. If you want to befriend Shelly, as her friends call her, offer to grab some kombucha and go on a car ride with the windows down and the music turned all the way up. 

  • tanner smalling

    1st year intern | worship

    Tanner is a first year intern on the worship staff. He loves playing music, sports, and spending time with his family and friends. Some of his dreams include opening a kids camp in the mountains of Colorado, owning a sandwhich shop with his family, and getting a pilots license.

  • ryan steffes

    1st year intern | worship

    God is fun. 

  • marianna sumrall

    1st year intern | connect

    Marianna is a first year Connect intern, and is excited for students to find their home here at Wesley--and ultimately find a life-long relationships with God! She is passionate about others becoming who they are in Christ as well as fostering healthy relationships. Marianna is a total foodie and enjoys cooking/baking new things. Hit her up if you're into Jane Austen flicks, need to go grocery shopping, want to have a Harry Potter marathon, or want a good book recommendation :)

  • clare thomas

    1st year intern | freshley

    Clare is a first year Freshley intern from Chickamauga, GA. In December she'll be graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Advertising. She’s a self proclaimed expert in curating the perfect Spotify playlist and would love to see any photos you have of your dog. She values authenticity over just about everything else. Her mind continues to be blown by the insane amount of people in the word, how unique each of them are, and how much God loves every one of them.  

  • sarah thomas

    1st year intern | freshley

    Sarah Thomas is a first year Freshley intern. She recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Health Promotion. She is a proficient extroverted introvert and feels most alive at the east side Cali n Titos. Sarah loves quality time, disconnecting to connect, a good laugh, simple and pretty things, really amazing shoes, and breakfast!

  • savannah ugan

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership & encounter

    She is Wesley's biggest fan and also super into her degree in Human Development and Family Sciences. She will graduate in May 2018 as a provisionally certified family life educator, firmly rooted in her identity in Christ. She's a proud ENFP who loves quality time with friends and strangers. She's very passionate about Food for the Soul soul food on Atlanta Highway.

  • ashlyn williams

    1st year intern | Prayer

    Ashlyn is a first year prayer intern. She recently graduated from the University of Georgia in spring of 2017 with a degree in Marketing. She's your go to person for lengthy conversations on Game of Thrones, scuba diving, and Antique hardware (doorknobs are way cooler than you think). She's most excited about all the HUGE ways God is going to move through the body of Wesley this year!

  • dutch williams

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership & sparrows nest

    Dutch is from Newnan Ga home of Sprayberry's BBQ and Rednexican. He loves doing anything outdoors and doing game nights as often as possible. You can usually find him dancing to a random song or trying to escape to the woods whenever he has free time.

  • macy williams

    1st year intern | connect

    When Macy wasn't looking for the perfect study playlist on Spotify to browse Pinterest to, she studied History and Religion at the University of Georgia. Though she was born in Chattanooga, TN, Georgia will always be home sweet home. She feels happiest when she can make other people feel comfortable and make them laugh. She's passionate about photography, romance, watermelon, and aquariums. You can most likely find her cuddled up on the couch watching Gilmore Girls or Great British Baking Show for the fifteenth time, looking for a dog to pet, or in the Wesley kitchen baking cookies for first time visitors! She hopes you know how much you matter, that you have a unique offering to the world, and that you can always give more.

  • zari wilson

    1st year intern | DISCIPLESHIP leadership, encounter, & outreach

    Three words: Passion, Purpose, and Power. Zari Wilson is woman on a mission to not only pursue her God-given purpose but to also empower young women to find their passion, purpose and power in God especially in their season of singleness. A recent graduate of the University of Georgia, Zari has been on a remarkable journey of learning and living in God’s unconditional love, faithfulness and forgiveness. In 2014, God led her on a ‘Single For A Year’ journey which not only empowered her walk with Christ in a new way but gave her the tools she needed to empower and encourage other young women to do the same. Zari is a bright, funny, loving and courageous warrior for God, always ready to fulfill her calling in ministry using the various platforms God has given her. She is a Minister at New Zion Christian Church, co-founder of Daughters of the Throne Ministries, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., a blogger, a friend, a daughter, and a sister. In her free time she enjoys eating out with her family, watching movies, and spending quality time with friends.