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  • clay kirkland

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    Staff Development

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  • Daniel Simmons

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  • Aaron vickroy

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  • Ian burkes

    3rd Year Intern | Media

    Ian Burkes is a third year intern frantically (but enjoyably) splitting his time between ISM and the media team. He graduated in 2014 with a degree in International Affairs that he hopes to use as a springboard into all kinds of fun international and government jobs. This last year at Wesley will see him rekindle an old love of reading, grow in daily disciplines, and learn how to worship The Lord in every moment, even the sucky ones.

  • chappell claxton

    3rd year intern | discipleship leadership

    Chappell is a third year Discipleship/LEAD intern. She is from Dublin, GA, home of the best sub sandwiches in the world. She graduated from UGA in 2015 with a Religion degree. Now she is pursuing a Master's of Divinity at Asbury Theological Seminary. 60% of the time she's got her coffee in hand and 100% of the time she could use some more. She loves witty conversations and meeting new people.

  • nathan deyoung

    3rd year intern | media

    Nathan DeYoung is a third year Media intern. He is currently putting the final touches on his economics degree from the University of Georgia, which if things go his way he will not need to use. Nathan hopes to one day earn a living as a writer. Some may claim him to be foolhardy; however, he prefers the term 'dreamer'.

  • caroline freeman

    3rd year intern | media

    Caroline graduated from the University of Georgia in 2014 with an A.B.J. in Mass Media Arts and minors in Film Studies, Spanish, and Anthropology. Her greatest passions are cultivating personal creativity and helping others learn to study the Word. If she's not outside, you'll find her at the movie theater. 

  • will goodwin

    3rd year intern | discipleship leadership

    Will is a third year intern on the Discipleship Leadership ministry team. He graduated from UGA in 2014 with a degree in Psychology. Eventually he hopes to go on to graduate school for Marriage and Family Therapy. Will loves spending his free time outside with his friends, either cycling, rock climbing, playing frisbee or really anything. Everything can be an adventure if you have the right mindset for it.

  • meg gray

    3rd year intern | cross trainers and staff development

    Meg graduated in 2014 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Her passion is loving marginalized kids the way that Jesus loves them and working to improve the conditions of their lives. She's excited for a second year as a CrossTrainers intern because her role aligns with these passions and she gets to see God move in extraordinary ways over the course of the year.

  • ashley jones

    3rd year intern | connect and staff development

    Ashley graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2014 with a degree in Psychology. She recently got married, and is passionate about people coming into the full identity that God has for them. She is excited to see how He will move among the people of Athens this year. She is unsure of her future career but she hopes it will involve helping children in some capacity.

  • mellisa martinez

    3rd year intern | discipleship leadership

    Mellisa graduated in 2013 with a degree in Public Health. She finds joy in running (one of the few) and in eating good food (one of the many). Number one on her bucket list is to see all seven natural wonders of the world (two down, five to go). A good day is a day spent laughing with the people she loves most.

  • bailey meyne

    3rd year intern | discipleship

    Bailey graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in English Language and Literature and serves on Discipleship Leadership at Wesley. She is currently exploring the possibility of being in women’s ministry or going to graduate school for counseling psychology. Her ideal job would be something that includes speaking, counseling and writing.

  • john meyne

    3rd year Intern | encounter

    John is a third year Encounter intern with the UGA Wesley Foundation. He has a passion for for leading people to discover their strengths and gifts and teaching them to use them for the benefit of the greater body. His dream would be to work in a pastoral role that allows him to guide people into the depths of God and train them for the ministry given to them.

  • george shu

    3rd year intern | outreach

    I just want to be all in for Jesus, and it'd be so much fun if we can be all in together! I still can't believe how much God has transformed my world, and that I get to be a Child of God. Woo! We really really would all love to meet you, so come find us. Holla at ya interns!

  • alex raines

    3rd year intern | freshley

    Alex Raines is a third year Freshley intern. If you ever need to find her & you can't, just go through the drive thru at chickfila because she's probably working in the window--hit her up if you need a free sandwich sometime. Her love languages include iced coffee, handwritten notes, puns & fall candles from bath & body works. Alex's friends say she embodies Wesley's core value of fun, but when it comes down to it, she's just a simple girl who enjoys a good belly laugh :)

  • blake wiggins

    3rd year intern | encounter

    Blake is a third year intern who really loves people but cherishes his alone time more than you'd guess. He loves watching movies on Sunday by himself, sharing music with his friends, and he is secretly a pretty good cook. More than anything, he wants people to know that they were created uniquely and with a real purpose.

  • hillary white

    3rd year intern | connect

    Hillary is a third year Connect and Advancement intern with red hair and a personality to match it. She's seen every episode of Fixer Upper and would love to rewatch them all with you over Sonic mozzarella sticks and homemade chocolate chip cookies. She really loves her job-especially seeing the students of Wesley walk into the freedom God has for them! 

  • daniel bailey

    2nd year intern | freshley

    Daniel loves to dance, bake and play Spikeball. One of his favorite aspects of Athens is the food scene. He'll eat bugs but don't ever offer him a pickle. His first email address correctly predicted that he would graduate from UGA in 2015. He's excited to create a place of community for the incoming class of freshmen at Freshley!

  • dawson allen

    2nd year intern | cross trainers & discipleship leadership

    Dawson Magoulas Allen is a second year CrossTrainers and Discipleship Leadership intern. He is an Athens native and a recent UGA graduate, with a degree in International Affairs and Political Science. His love languages are good conversation, hot coffee, cold weather, and words of affirmation, and he legitimately loves being asked about his middle name.

  • canaan carr

    2nd year intern | sparrow's nest

    Canaan graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Psychology. You could probably find him Netflix'n, krumpin', snackin', nappin' or rappin'. He has a big heart, and a strong desire to see everyone around him know Jesus like he does.

  • bess couey

    2nd year intern | connect & encounter

    Bess is a second year connect/encounter intern.  She just (finally!!) graduated from UGA with a degree in fashion merchandising. She loves sunsets, wildflowers and long walks to the fridge. She likes exploring new places (especially outdoors), meeting new people, and eating new things. She is all about living life to the fullest and finding joy in the little things. If you ever want to have coffee and talk about life, ~hit her up~

  • sam darby

    2nd year intern | connect

    Sam is an East Cobb snob who graduated this past May with a degree in journalism. If he's not hugging you with Jesus’ love, then he's probably reading something about politics and drinking a nice, cold Coke.

  • anna daniels

    2nd year intern | discipleship leadership

    Anna is a second year Discipleship Leadership intern. She is in the process of wrapping up her Psychology degree with the hopes of being a professional counselor one day. If she could pick a celebrity best friend it would be Joanna Gaines and they would decorate cute farm houses together. She's a lover of rocking chairs, open fields, and a good conversation. She's always down for a good drive with good company. Her dream in life is to help people become their best self possible and to watch them walk in the freedom and abundance that the Lord has for them.

  • mckenna denman

    2nd year intern | prayer

    McKenna is a second year prayer intern from Kennesaw, GA. She loves to learn new things, have heart-to-heart conversations, and ask people questions. She graduated in May 2015 with a degree in Human Development and Family Science, so she loves to learn about people! If you want to spend some quality time (her top love language) with McKenna, join her for a game of spikeball, have a jam session, or watch an old movie with her. If you ever see her around Wesley, please introduce yourself because she loves meeting new people!

  • Martha earhart

    2nd year intern | administration & conncet

    Martha is a 2nd year Admin and Connect intern who graduated from UGA with a degree in finance. She enjoys puzzles, podcasts, and taxes (no, that's not a joke). Her #1 love language is coffee.

  • brittany futch

    2nd year intern | prayer

    Brittany recently graduated from UGA with a degree in public relations and a degree in English. She would spend all her time reading, if it were possible. She believes celebrations of all kind should begin and end around food and secretly wishes most days were rainy ones. Brittany’s excited to work with the prayer ministry at Wesley and see the way the Lord will invade the hearts of His people in Athens!

  • kelsey gay

    2nd year intern | youth

    Kelsey Gay graduated from the University of Georgia in Spring 2015 with a degree in Religion and a minor in Human Development & Family Science. She is serving as a youth intern at Wesley this year. She has a passion for students, French fries, and for quoting Parks and Recreation. She enjoys fighting for the freedom in others. Kelsey is looking forward to what else the Lord will teach her this year, no matter how many tears it may take!

  • ashley gibson

    2nd year intern | freshley

    Ashley just graduated from UGA in May with a degree in Middle Grades Education. Most people around Athens simply know her as "Gibs." Most days you can probably find her in and out of Hobby Lobby or in the drive-thru of Cook Out. She loves being around people, laughing and any fun fact that has to do with Rosa Parks. She is super grateful for the opportunity to serve at Wesley and give back to the community that had the most impact on her throughout college.

  • monesha grant

    2nd year intern | connect & encounter

    Monesha is a 2nd year Connect and Encounter intern. She has finally graduated from UGA with a degree in Human Development and Family Science (she didn't choose the victory lap life, the victory lap life chose her). She loves Mary-Kate & Ashley, sitting in the sun when it's breezy out and driving around while jamming to good music! If she could give everyone one piece of advice, it would be to enjoy their journey to wholeness, even the messy parts. No one else can write the story that your life is meant to tell!

  • peter hand

    2nd year intern | prayer

    Peter Hand is a second year Prayer Intern. He can be found wandering around as an embodiment of teen-angst but can occasionally be found observing things from the sidelines. Besides queso, Peter loves to blast music in his car, laugh uncontrollably, and be himself.

  • Billie anne hardigree

    2nd year intern | freshley

    Billie Anne graduated from UGA in May 2016 with a degree in Biological Engineering. She loves meeting new people and traveling to spend time in different cultures to see and be a part of how God is moving across the world. Billie Anne is excited and honored to be a part of the Freshley staff this year as God establishes community in the first years that will set the stage for them to encounter God for the rest of their time spent in Athens and beyond!! Hit her up if you're into Harry Potter, dessert, shoes, Taylor Swift, High School Musical, or cheesy 90s movies (specifically featuring Hugh Grant) ;)

  • danielle heubel

    2nd year intern | discipleship leadership

    Danielle is a second year Discipleship/LEAD intern. She graduated in May 2015 with a degree in Biology that she will never use and a degree in Human Development that she uses all the time. Her goals in life include becoming a marriage and family therapist, going to all seven continents, and eating chocolate every day. She's always down for some quality time, a good conversation, or kickin it in nature. Danielle is excited to see God heal hearts this year and to get coffee with anyone and everyone so *hit her up*

  • michele houston

    2nd year intern | freshley

    Michele graduated from UGA in May 2015 with a Mass Media Arts degree with the hopes of being a wedding photographer one day. Her favorite thing about the Athens area is that there is something for everyone whether it's a trendy downtown Athens restaurants or good ol' Red Lobster. She loves a good RaceTrac and Hobby Lobby combo trip.

  • benji johnston

    2nd year intern | wesley 1040

    Benji is a second year Wesley 1040 intern from Macon, Ga. "Banji" recently learned to roller-skate backwards, averaged four cups of coffee a day in 2015, and started and ended his attempt to read and to write in cursive in 2001. He believes that big things will happen this year through the Body of Christ in Athens and students will be changed in a supernatural way. 

  • becca johnstone

    2nd year intern | media

    Becca graduated from UGA this past May with a degree in Advertising. She is obsessed with surfing even thought she’s never done it, and loves running, Chick-Fil-A and fountain Coke. Becca is super excited to reach students thought social media this year but MOST excited for the people she gets to spend her year with at Wesley and in Athens.

  • elizabeth kinkaid

    2nd year intern | prayer

    Elizabeth is a Georgia grad with a degree in Social Work. Things she loves: star-gazing, Mexican food always, childlikeness, being weird, when she can quote The Office in everyday life, places that make her dream, poetry, purity, alliteration, exhaustive lists, irony, the Oxford comma, and literally anything by George MacDonald. She is deeply passionate about the people of God discovering their unique, magnificent identities and knowing the voice of their Shepherd. She dances off-beat, sings off-key, and is probably both shorter and older than you think. 

  • peyton lashlee

    2nd year intern | International student ministry

    Peyton is down here from Tennessee (with her doggy named Kitty) as a second year International Student Ministry intern with a degree in Communications. She believes in the supernatural power of love, hope, faith, and creativity. Her rainbow spirit finds the most joy in moments spent in spontaneous adventure, uncontrollable laughter, and dances with her first love Jesus. And she dreams of spending the rest of her days joined in prayer, praise, and worship with people from all spectrums of life and parts of the world.

  • laura lewis

    2nd year intern | freshley

    Laura Lewis is a second year Freshley intern. She graduated from GCSU with a Special Education degree which she will probably not use (sorry, mom). Some things she loves are: people, dogs, and fun!

  • Stephanie Mccardel

    2nd year intern | international student ministry & wesley 1040

    Stephanie is a second year intern with International Student Ministry and Wesley 1040. She graduated in 2014 with a degree in nursing from the Medical College of Georgia. Since being on staff at Wesley, she is the go to person for medical questions. She is passionate about seeing the Nations reached with the Gospel and is always up for an adventure.

  • megan mcgahee

    2nd year intern | international student ministry

    Megan is a second year intern with the International Student Ministry. She graduated in 2014 with a degree in Animal Science and a minor in Dairy Science. If you're ever looking for her, she's probably either at 2 Story, in the farm, or on a mountain trail. She desires to see an adventurous spirit awakened in the hearts of those around her. She absolutely loves to travel because it gives her the chance to learn new things about different cultures and the uniqueness of this world.

  • ladd morgan

    2nd year intern | freshley

    Ladd is a second year intern who's pumped about being apart of our Freshley staff. He just graduated from UGA last December with a sport management degree. So praise God and Go Dawgs to that. It was close, people.

  • tayler patton

    2nd year intern | prayer

    Tayler Patton is a fun-loving second year prayer intern. She has finished three years of college, eleven months on the mission field to ten countries, and hopes to soon further her education in ministry college. You can call her TayTay and ask her the deep things God is teaching her. In her free time, you can find her by the water or on a walk in the forest in Athens.

  • justin patton

    2nd year intern | worship & media

    Justin is a second year intern with Worship and Media. He studied Publication Management at UGA but he would much rather do something with puppies than work at a boring old newspaper. The most influential people in his life are his dad and Boba Fett.

  • allison peden

    2nd year intern | freshley

    Allison Peden is a 2nd year Freshley intern. Her favorite quote is, “the only thang you gotta capitalize is GOD.” She likes coffee, but not coffee water - she likes consuming the coffee beans whole. She has never actually finished a book that she’s started so she’s #thankful for grace. Her love language is receiving all things that list sugar in the ingredients list. Allison loves hugs and seeing people smile. She is overwhelmingly thankful that God stops at nothing to reclaim our hearts.

  • ashlyn skaar

    2nd year intern | discipleship leadership

    Ashlyn graduated from UGA in the spring of 2015 with a degree in Consumer Journalism. She is an amateur interior decorator and listens to audiobooks in her 1999 C-RV. Ashlyn loves a good pun and is a self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur. She does her own stunts.

  • katy smith

    2nd year intern | media

    Kaitlin was a Graphic Design major at the University of Georgia whose nickname is Katy (where did the “i” go?…). She loves learning new things about the Bible and can mess up the lyrics to any song. If you want to get to know Katy, you should know that you will always be the one who decides where y’all eat, and she will always have an opinion on the decision you make. BUT she will always be willing to meet with you and shower you with encouragement and love.

  • lauren steffes

    2nd year intern | prayer

    After radically encountering Jesus during her senior year at UGA, Lauren put her journalism dreams on pause to pursue the Lord as a Prayer intern.  When she's not laughing and twirling in worship, you can find her singing, writing &  painting in gardens or riding her bike along fields of wildflowers. She dreams of traveling to the darkest corners of the world to bring deliverance and healing to those who are in bondage and write books about her experiences. She prays for her soul to remain in a perpetual state of childlike wonder and awe of the One who saved her for all the days of her life. 

  • abigail williams

    2nd year intern | dance & connect

    Abigail graduated from UGA in 2015 with a degree in International Affairs. She loves being with people, baking, experiencing other cultures (especially their foods) and music (especially singing). She also likes to travel and might like to own a bakery one day. She wants people to believe truth about who God is and who He says they are!

  • kayley anderkin

    1st year intern | freshley

    Kayley Anderkin is a first year Freshley Intern. She graduated from UGA in May 2016 with a marketing and international business degree. You can either find her at Two Story sipping a chai latte or exploring Athens with her camera in hand. She loves meeting new people, making guacamole, and spontaneous dance parties. 

  • jessica ard

    1st year intern | dance & wesley 1040

    Jessica will graduate this December with degrees in Management and International Business, and a minor in Dance. She's a creative soul that's embarrassingly terrible at freehand art. Jessica is passionate about two things: serving refugees and teaching dance. Wherever she goes, she looks to fulfill those desires of her heart.

  • sara bachtel

    1st year intern | prayer & crosstrainers

    Sara Bachtel is a Prayer and Crosstrainers intern. She started out as an English major before switching to human development and family science. She loves people and the art of story - both hearing and telling! She dreams with God about doing missions one day long-term and writing children's books.

  • emily banks

    1st year intern | media

    Emily Banks is a first year Media Intern. She recently graduated from UGA with a degree in Interior Design. Her favorite things are cute puppies, all things design, people, and drinking tea on rainy days. Come say hey to Emily, she’ll be the one with red hair dressed in black! 

  • brannon booth

    1st year intern | prayer

    Brannon recently graduated from UGA with a bachelors degree in linguistics. He likes food and soccer. He is a fan of a wide variety of music artists.

  • katie burke

    1st year intern | media

    Katie Burke is a first year Media intern who just graduated with her degree in Fabric Design. She loves a good, hearty laugh (and to be honest, it doesn't take much), and is over the moon for books with beautiful design. She loves learning about peoples' true passions and dreams, because she believes those are straight from Jesus! Katie enjoys thinking, hanging out at Two Story, learning about new things, and adding books to a very long book list she's yet to begin. 

  • shelby burnam

    1st year intern | international student ministry

    Shelby Burnam is a first year intern with Wesley's international student ministry. She graduated from the University of Georgia in 2014 with a degree in anthropology and religion. Shelby hopes to further her education and achieve a degree that will help her advocate for refugee and native rights. If that dream is not realized, her fallback plan entails living in a treehouse (with internet access) and pursuing a career as a ranger in the national park service.

  • chris carpentier

    1st year intern | worship

    Chris Carpentier is a first year Worship intern from Woodstock, GA. He graduates in December with an MIS degree from the University of Georgia. He is passionate about the outdoors, hot tubs, and building things. When asked about the future, Chris tends to change the subject.

  • tim del risco

    1st year intern | freshley

    Tim del Risco is a first year intern who is finishing his Communication Studies degree. He loves connecting to people who might feel on the outside of the social circles and seeing people come alive to who God says they are.

  • rachel dow

    1st year intern | prayer

    Rachel Dow is a first year Prayer intern. She graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2016 with dual degrees in Latin and World Languages education; she is also a part-time Latin teacher for sixth graders at a local Christian school. Rachel likes ice cream, hiking, flowers, and red pandas. Rachel is passionate about interceding and about people having a better understanding of Who God is and that their prayers really matter to Him. She hopes to one day bring the good news to the national parks and to other nations.

  • callie jo fowler

    1st year intern | youth

    Callie Jo is a Youth intern who graduated in 2016 with degrees in Animal Science and Latin. When she's not loving on her babies at her youth group, she typically drinking coffee or tea from an owl mug with her nose in a book (all three of which are her love languages...). She strives to be genuine and transparent in all aspects of her life, and she wants everyone to know the loving heart of the Father. 

  • cassidy gaillard

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership & sparrow's nest

    Cassidy is a first year intern on Sparrow’s Nest and Discipleship. She’s graduating this December from UGA with a degree in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in Spanish. She’s hoping to go to graduate school to be a counselor. A good day for Cassidy is any day in which she can spend it reading, traveling,or goofing off with friends.

  • ansley gentry

    1st year intern | youth

    Ansley is fourth year student at the University of Georgia majoring in Journalism. Ansley strives to help all of God's children know they have been chosen and appointed by their heavenly father. She is passionate about helping the homeless, writing music, and Diet Dr. Pepper. 

  • erin gilleland

    1st year intern | media

    Erin Gilleland is a first year media intern. She graduated from UGA with a degree in Mass Media Arts and a minor in English, and now she has to make decisions about her future. If she isn't talking about television or comedy, she's probably scrolling through available dogs online.



    Ashten Goeckel is a first year intern on Prayer and Dance staff. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in English, a couple minors, and some ballroom dance experience in 2013. She is equal parts health nut and avid foodie, making her two greatest vices workout clothes and mac'n'cheese. Books, hot tea, and adventure are the keys to this girl's heart, so if you're looking for her, she's probably wandering Earth Fare, Barnes & Noble, or the Botans. Most of all, Ashten is pumped to see what God has in-store for this year!

  • gabby graham

    1st year intern | worship

    Gabby Graham is a first year Worship Intern. She graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2016 with a degree in Theatre. “What will she actually do with that degree?” you might ask. Well, Broadway is the dream, but we’ll see. For now, singing show tunes in the car will do. 

  • natalie griffin

    1st year intern | prayer

    Natalie is a first year prayer intern who will graduate from the University of Georgia in May 2017. Last year, she spent 73,000 minutes on spotify and probably many more in pursuit of coke zero. Natalie enjoys introvert time, all things pop culture, a good act of service, and hanging out with close friends.

  • abby guadagno

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership & crosstrainers

    Abby Guadagno is a first year Crosstrainers and Discipleship intern. She graduated from UGA in 2016 with a degree in Social Work and hopes to do counseling in the future. Abby is passionate about photography, folding laundry, and chicken nuggets. 

  • mary hardigree

    1st year intern | connect

    Mary Hardigree is a first year intern who serves on the Connect Staff. She is new to Athens and currently a junior as an Early Childhood Education major. Mary loves music, movies, animals, and has a knack for organizing. She loves to laugh and spend quality time with friends and family! 

  • sarah ashley haygood

    1st year intern | connect

    Sarah Ashley or SA to the people who know her, graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Organizational Communications.  She will be serving on the connect team as a first year intern this year. She has a great family and can't wait to make you feel like you are part of hers. If you ever need to talk, she's a great listener. And she also appreciates a sarcastic sense of humor.

  • allison howe

    1st year intern | missions & dance

    Allison is first year missions & dance intern from Dacula, GA. She graduates from UGA this May with a degree in Risk Management & Insurance. Her passions include Google spreadsheets, big cities, cardigans, the youth at St. James UMC, and using way too many exclamation points in normal text. When in doubt, Allison can probably be found Facebook stalking random strangers at the nearest Dunkin Donuts.

  • chandra jones

    1st year intern | prayer & encounter

    Chandra has an extreme love for hugs, almond butter, journaling, taking naps, and flowers.  Her idea of a perfect day includes an eno, iced coffee, and another human who enjoys authentic & vulnerable conversation. Her passion in life is to partner with the Holy Spirit in helping others discover who they truly are when they realize how unconditionally they are loved by our Father.

  • emily knight

    1st year intern | connect

    Emily is a first year intern on Connect staff. She is from Alpharetta, Georgia and graduated from UGA with a degree in Human Development in May 2016. Emily plans on going to graduate school for counseling.

  • merrick laughridge

    1st year intern | prayer

    Merrick is a first year Prayer intern. She loves her friends, adventure, authenticity, and dogs. She is happy to be finishing up her Communication Studies and Religion majors as a fourth year at UGA. This year, she's excited to see people step into who they were made to be--free and in love with Love. If you can't find her with people or at Wesley, she is probably watching The Office wishing she was friends with Dwight.

  • megan leahy

    1st year intern | prayer

    Megan graduated from UGA in May 2015 with a degree in Special Education. She carries a book with her most places and aspires to one day be a school librarian. She enjoys eating bread with as many meals as possible, creating her own interpretive dances, and road tripping to Nashville. She is always down to meet new people and try new things.

  • hunter macinnis

    1st year intern | freshley

    Hunter is a first year Freshley intern from Woodstock, GA. He roller-skates to work once a week, averaged one corndog a day in 2015, and started and ended his acting career in a Pepto-Bismol commercial in 1995. Hunter believes that God will do big things this year and will create a solid foundation for first-year students in Athens. 

  • jep mcnair

    1st year intern | prayer

    Jep is a first year Prayer intern that leads a Freshley Prayer small group with Peter and does some Admin on the side. He is majoring in Accounting and Economics. Jep wandered over to Wesley his first week of college and has been involved ever since.

  • melissa pierce

    1st year intern | discipleship leadership & sparrow's nest

    Melissa graduated UGA with a degree in Social work and Spanish in May of 2016. Her ideal day would be a day full of tacos, baby pigs, Fresh Prince of Bel air, candy, a plane ride & some pretty mountains. Talk to her about diversity, social justice or 90's R&B to get her fired up. She loves new friends so she can't wait to meet ya!

  • morgan reed

    1st year intern | freshley

    Morgan Reed is a first year Freshley Intern. She just finished her degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Religion from the University of Georgia. Morgan is passionate about below average TV sitcoms and above average mac and cheese.

  • kelly riner

    1st year intern | connect

    Kelly Riner recently graduated from Georgia College (Go Bobcats!) with a degree in Community Health and is a first year Connect intern.  She is fluent in movie quotes, The Office, and all things Jimmy Fallon. Her favorite time of the day is Happy Hour at Sonic where she’ll order so many Ocean Waters. Thanks Mom & Dad!

  • samantha roundtree

    1ST YEAR INTERN | prayer

    Samantha Roundtree is a first year prayer intern. She is graduating in May with a degree in Psychology. She loves Jesus as much as she loves to bake. She loves all things Disney related and is slightly obsessed with the recently deceased One Direction. R.I.P.

  • james shafer

    1ST YEAR INTERN | wesley 1040 & youth

    James is a first year Wesley 1040 and Youth intern. He graduated in May of 2016 with degrees in Middle Grades Education and Psychology with hopes of figuring out some kind of career that can combine the two. In his free time he bakes, crochets, candle makes, and picks up other random hobbies that probably don't have anything to do with each other. Hit him up if you ever want to watch pretty much any quotable movie ever. Especially the Princess Bride. 

  • nick spencer

    1ST YEAR INTERN | freshley

    Nick Spencer is a first year Freshley intern. He is a recent graduate from UGA where he studied business management. His hobbies include playing Fifa, basketball, disc golf, and Pokemon go. His spirit food is a #1 with a sweet tea from Chickfila. He is believer that the Holy Spirit is gonna do some work in lives this year!

  • tori stoenica

    1ST YEAR INTERN | connect

    Tori Stoenica is a first year Connect intern and has a passion for people. She is currently a senior at UGA and is working on her degree in Public Relations. If she's not in class or at Wesley, you can probably find her watching Parks & Rec at Two Story under the pretense of studying.

  • lauren sudduth


    Lauren graduated from UGA in 2016 (after writing many papers and doing lots of color coding) with a degree in Linguistics and English. You can find her in her natural habitat- the coffee shop - either deep in conversation or with a book and her favorite Spotify playlist of the week. She loves a plethora of creative outlets, TED talks, the color yellow, and anything that might remind you of a hobbit.

  • christa tanella

    1ST YEAR INTERN | discipleship leadership

    Christa may have been born and raised in Texas, but she is a flower child at heart. She loves coffee, Vance Joy, and writing in her books. Christa graduated from UGA as a Double-Dog with her masters degree in counseling. She loves good conversation but don't be deceived the way to her heart is peanut m&m's, Starbucks, and cheesy jokes. 



    Donna graduated from the University of Georgia in 2016 with degrees in Spanish and Social Work. She intends to eventually get her Master's in Social Work and dreams of working in the field of refugee resettlement either in the U.S. or abroad. She loves eating fried ice cream, reading, and going thrifting. Donna is overjoyed to finally get to partner with the movement and transformation of God in Athens as a Prayer Intern this year.