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Even the Depths of God
October 14th, 2020
I feel like we sometimes have this idea that our humanity is a bad thing. Like, “let me empty myself of everything that makes me human so I can then be good enough, and Christlike enough.” Or maybe ev...  Read More
by Devon Radford
One Degree of Glory to Another
October 12th, 2020
One thing I am convinced of is that the process of transformation with Christ means getting back to the basics of humanity. The first description that is applied to humanity is that we are the “image ...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Come Into His Presence
September 18th, 2020
This week, we are harkening back to our past. The blogs this week have been written by past directors who are a part of Wesley’s rich history partnering with God.  Even now, we have opportunity to ste...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Unity in God
September 3rd, 2020
Politics has always been a topic I hated because of the perception I had of it growing up. For my whole life, talk of politics led to intense anger, persecution, and screaming matches within my family...  Read More
by Devon Radford
2 Peter 1:1-11
December 14th, 2017
In this passage, Peter writes about what it looks like for a Christian to pursue purity and holiness. Before describing any other part of the process, Peter reminds us that none of us would be able to...  Read More
by Devon Radford
1 Corinthians 10:23-33
September 18th, 2017
In this passage, Paul is stating that even though we have the freedom to do and say as we please, we should be mindful of our actions because they can and will be seen by those we have influence on. T...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Becoming Steadfast
September 25th, 2016
Ever since I started working at Wesley I have grown in ways that I never thought I would, I have seen healing in my life I once thought was impossible, and I have experienced things I thought would ne...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Secrets of the Secret Place Chapter 25: The Secret of Self Denial
July 28th, 2016
What if self-denial was a vehicle to helping us become more intimate with Jesus?  If self-denial out of love for us is at the core who who Jesus is, one of the best ways for us to understand that love...  Read More
by Devon Radford