Let's Talk tickets

Let's Talk is a night to intentionally pursue racial unity together. Tinasha LaRayƩ, a California-based poet, minister, speaker, actress, and filmmaker, will be speaking about how people of every race can be who God uniquely created them to be. As we heal the wounds that have divided us, we can truly be the body of Christ as it exists in Heaven. There will be worship, prayer, and a time for response.

COViD Guidelines

  • FACE COVERINGS | Masks are required when on Wesley property for a service and at all points before, during and exiting the service
  • SEATING GROUPS | You can sign up for tickets with your friend group with up to four people.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING | We will place chairs 6 feet apart and we ask that you keep a distance of 6 feet from other households at all point during the service.
  • MULTIPLE VIEWING LOCATIONS | In order to create more space between households, we will air the service in the main chapel and the prayer chapel.
  • VIRTUAL OPTIONS | If you choose to worship with us from your home, we will also provide a virtual option for you to watch the service on Facebook Live!

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