The Goal of the Internship Program

The goal of the Internship Program is to raise up men and women who are equipped to serve the Lord in any capacity through practical experience and comprehensive training. When your time in the Internship is over, we want you to have grown in your knowledge of the Lord’s love, your ability to hear His voice, and your confidence in God’s power. We seek to accomplish this by focusing on these four foundations: Intimacy with God, Community with believers, Mission to the world around us, and Fun in all things. Whether you want to be in full-time vocational ministry or not, this Internship is designed to be beneficial to all who participate.

The engine that drives us to create and sustain this Internship Program is simple: We are focused on what we can give you. In fact, our win - the thing that we celebrate the most and strive for at all times - is when we give you more than you give us. Our intent is not to use you and strain out as much as we can get from you; we actually seek to create environments and experiences that will enrich, equip, and refresh you. If we are successful, then you leave this Internship better than when you came in, and you leave prepared to give away what you have been given.

Freely you have received; freely give.

Matthew 10:8

The Role of a Wesley Intern

We consider all of our interns as employees of the UGA Wesley Foundation, and therefore we do give a lot of responsibility to them. Despite the fact that this is a support-based internship, we consider it a job to be done with excellence and a privilege not to be taken lightly. You will learn much and gain much through serving the Lord at Wesley.  

Over the past two decades, the Lord has done exceedingly abundantly good things in and through each intern. He has chosen to graciously give Himself to those whom choose to follow Him, and we have supreme confidence that the Lord will continue to demonstrate His love and goodness to you if you become an intern with us. Your willingness to receive what He has for you and to participate in the doors that are opened to you is the primary key to unlocking full blessings of the Internship.


Current interns and alumni interns are encouraged to listen to the long history of intern talks provided at the link below! This link is password protected. Hint - what is Wesley's mascot?