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Mental Health and God
by Devon McCoy on March 28th, 2021
There is one subject I don't know if I will ever understand the fullness of, though it feels like I have been chasing understanding within its depths for all of my life. The very sea that feels endless and uncertain is mental health. It seems so complex to even begin to dive into for myself, let alone for several other people. To be honest, I am not sure why I dive into the very chasms that scare ...  Read More
Spiraling out of Perfectionism
by Devon McCoy on February 10th, 2021
I have always been an observer. I like to sit back and watch what is going on rather than be in the center of it all. When I take a step back and gain enough distance to observe the church as a body, or even just the UGA Wesley Foundation as a body, there are motifs which occur in my observations.I have seen a large portion of our body, myself included, struggling with anxiety. I have seen the fru...  Read More
Process Without Panic
by Devon McCoy on February 8th, 2021
“Claire, I can’t emphasize this enough: You are allowed to be in process!” My friend said to me in a loving, somewhat exasperated tone. I sat there reeling for a minute...Is that true? What does that mean for my life?How do I lead from this place?I am so thankful for that conversation and for that friend. She revealed a point of pride that has tripped me up way too many times. I really believed th...  Read More
Be Still
by Devon McCoy on December 23rd, 2020
"Be still and know that I am God." This commandment from Psalm 46:10 is something I have been trying to grasp for most of my life. The grasping, I find, sometimes is even counter-productive to the very thing He is asking me to do. It's funny, because I hear this over and over again, and I think I know what it means. However, as I quiet my mind and focus on Him, it seems like every other thing is t...  Read More
The Wilderness
by Devon McCoy on October 19th, 2020
About a week before I got the news that I would not be returning to school last semester, God told me that I was entering into a wilderness- unknown to me, but not to Him. Let me tell you, not getting to participate in my many organizations, going back to the whole family living in one house, and having my summer plans to go to portfolio school be wrecked was NOT what I thought God meant by a wild...  Read More