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Deciding to Intern
February 20th, 2021
Ever since I was in my second semester of my senior year of high school, calling has remained a scary word for me. I am confident in the idea that God is a dreamer and invites us to dream with Him, bu...  Read More
by Devon Radford
A Poured Out Offering
February 13th, 2021
I was in my second semester of grad school, and interning at Wesley was the last thing on my mind. I was ready to go. I had never felt connected to Athens. I wanted something different, a grand advent...  Read More
by Devon Radford
My Story
February 7th, 2021
I got involved in Wesley because of a cute boy. During orientation the summer before I started UGA, a girl dared me to take one of the rings I was wearing and propose to one of the orientation leaders...  Read More
by Devon Radford
The Dance of Living for Him
January 20th, 2021
For the past few months I have been intentionally praying about what it looks like for me to follow God and partner with Him in the purposes He has given me. In my past perspectives, following God loo...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Into the Unknown
January 5th, 2020
At a very early age, I knew I was meant to live the atypical life. I was called to be different, set apart, and fully surrendered to something greater than my singular story. I could feel it the very ...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Abide in Me
July 24th, 2019
He is the Vine, the source of life. We are the branches, completely and utterly dependent upon Him.  The branches are to abide in the vine. In John 15 verse 5, Jesus says that if we choose to abide in...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Summer Intimacy.
June 22nd, 2019
Meditate on His word."Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. 'I am the vine, you are the branches....  Read More
by Devon Radford
What Would Jesus Do?
April 24th, 2019
“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the openi...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Bravery in the Midst of Unknown Callings
February 4th, 2019
“Before I knew you, I thought brave was not being afraid. You've taught me that bravery is being terrified and doing it anyway” – Laurell K. Hamilton  What constitutes bravery to you? Is it showing fe...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Callings: What if I miss it?
February 2nd, 2019
Decisions can be paralyzing. Especially the decisions being made now- colleges, majors, and career paths all loom before us, a million different options that all feel like they dictate the rest of our...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Callings: What I'm not Confident?
February 2nd, 2019
When we are young, we create amazing ideas about what we want to do or be. We imagine ourselves as astronauts or popstars, lawyers or magicians. As children we have the freedom to imagine an idyllic w...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Callings: What if I'm Stuck?
February 2nd, 2019
  “Storms make trees take deeper root.” – Dolly PartonHow do we deal with the storms in our lives? Do you duck your head and run? Do you dance in the rain? Do you just stand there and let the rain soa...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Callings: What if I get it wrong?
January 30th, 2019
I think the thing that most hinders our generation of Christians from chasing our dreams is the obsessive pursuit of “getting it right.” We have to be sure that what we are wanting is of God before we...  Read More
by Devon Radford
The Calling of Gideon
January 23rd, 2019
In the book of Judges, Joshua, Israel’s leader, has just died. The Israelites continue to ask the Lord who they should conquer next as they enter their Promised Land tribe by tribe. However, as time p...  Read More
by Devon Radford
The Calling of Abraham
January 22nd, 2019
Expectations destroy or enhance the reality that you live in. I have recently been getting into the Old Testament, and it is one of my favorite things!!!! The Old Testament explains and shows the hear...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Exodus 4:1-17
October 26th, 2017
In this passage, we see the conversation between Moses and God right after God called Moses to set his people free from Egypt. Moses disputes this calling three times, first by saying that nobody will...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Monday Editorial: Fast or Right?
November 14th, 2016
One of my life goals is to write a book, at least one. Hopefully more, but my bucket list only says, “Get A Book Published”, it is right below “Go Surfing”. I’ve always loved to read, to escape into t...  Read More
by Devon Radford
DL Foundation: Identity - Free to Be You
November 9th, 2016
Last week, we talked about the identity we all share in Christ. We are friends of God, children that have been adopted by our heavenly Father, forgiven of our sins and made righteous so we are now sai...  Read More
by Devon Radford