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Deciding to Intern
by Devon McCoy on February 20th, 2021
Ever since I was in my second semester of my senior year of high school, calling has remained a scary word for me. I am confident in the idea that God is a dreamer and invites us to dream with Him, but somehow knowing that abstractly is far less intimidating than praying for and dreaming for my own future. This whole school year has been filled with wild, fun and crazy daydreams of what the next y...  Read More
A Poured Out Offering
by Devon McCoy on February 13th, 2021
I was in my second semester of grad school, and interning at Wesley was the last thing on my mind. I was ready to go. I had never felt connected to Athens. I wanted something different, a grand adventure. My top choice was to move to London and work in digital marketing. I figured I would stay for 3-5 years, travel, get some experience, and come back as a whole new gal. At the same time, my discip...  Read More
My Story
by Devon McCoy on February 7th, 2021
I got involved in Wesley because of a cute boy. During orientation the summer before I started UGA, a girl dared me to take one of the rings I was wearing and propose to one of the orientation leaders as a joke. I did it, but I was immediately smitten with him. Later, when all of the student orgs were tabling to the Freshman, he told me that I should sign up for Freshley. And I did because I proba...  Read More
The Dance of Living for Him
by Devon McCoy on January 20th, 2021
For the past few months I have been intentionally praying about what it looks like for me to follow God and partner with Him in the purposes He has given me. In my past perspectives, following God looked like me dying to myself over and over again; sacrificing my wellbeing for others, remaining faithful to what I thought the Lord had asked of me time and time again. Though He had called me to cert...  Read More