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Pursuing Perspective
by Devon McCoy on March 21st, 2021
I have started this blog post a million times. The subject of race is one that so many find so controversial, that I have found myself more preoccupied with whether or not I’m stepping on somebody else’s toes than if I’m declaring the truth of God. I am more concerned with God calling me a good and faithful servant at the end of this journey than if I ruffle some feathers. If you feel convicted or...  Read More
Every Tribe, Every Tongue, Every Nation
by Devon McCoy on March 15th, 2021
This year, calls for racial justice have been louder, stronger, and more consistent thanever before. Out of all the things that happened this past year, the realization of howracism is ingrained within our country has become crystal clear. The cracks in differentsystems and even daily life that have been created because of racism have split wide openfor all of us to see.Different issues and situat...  Read More
How My Squad Pulled Up
by Devon McCoy on March 4th, 2021
Regular fishermen. Business owners. Tax collectors. Anarchists. Thieves. If I read you a list of these professions, the last thought you would probably have was that the people in these professions were buddies. And yet, these guys were not only a squad, they were part of the original twelve disciples of Jesus.My parents used to tell me that the company I keep will set the trajectory for my life. ...  Read More
Hispanic Heritage Month Interview | Rebecca Mejia
by Devon McCoy on October 10th, 2020
Rebecca Mejia is a third-year studying Economics and International Affairs with a minor in Spanish. Check out her perspective of the celebration of culture taking place this month as well as burdens facing the Latinx community. What does Latinx Heritage Month mean to you? Latinx Heritage Month for me is a celebration of diversity and different cultures. It’s really cool because Latinx Heritage Mon...  Read More
Racial Unity
by Devon McCoy on September 9th, 2020
Unity in God. The phrase alone holds power. Everyone knows that feeling of being a part of something bigger, knowing that you’re needed, yet such a small part of the whole. The Christian body is like that. God allows us to be a part of showing His Kingdom in Heaven here on Earth- something way bigger than us alone. In fact, unity is a vital part. With all of the light that has been shed on racial ...  Read More