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Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room
December 9th, 2020
The classic Christmas hymn ‘Joy to the World’ is always a mark that the holiday season is upon us. I love how, well...joyful it is. Joy--one of the fruits of the Spirit-- is something I think we alway...  Read More
by Devon Radford
The Calling of Gideon
January 23rd, 2019
In the book of Judges, Joshua, Israel’s leader, has just died. The Israelites continue to ask the Lord who they should conquer next as they enter their Promised Land tribe by tribe. However, as time p...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Resolutions: What do you value?
January 3rd, 2019
Happy New Year, Wesley! The beginning of a new year always brings the feelings of anticipation, endless possibility, and excitement. I feel limitless and unhindered by the regular rhythms of life that...  Read More
by Devon Radford
There is More | Relationship with God
August 28th, 2018
College is a time for discovery. We ask a lot of questions— who am I? What was I made for? How do I do that? We also ask God a lot of questions—questions about who He is, what He is like, and why He d...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Romans | Present Suffering and Future Glory
April 17th, 2018
The book of Romans leads readers like a roadmap through faith in Jesus.Paul starts at the beginning of the story--God's anger at sin--and takes us through the path of judgement, the law, faith in Jesu...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Remedy | Complacency
March 5th, 2018
Without a doubt, there have been times in all our lives when we’ve felt complacent. Times when we feel like there’s nothing to be done, when our passion simply dwindles and we aren’t sure why, when we...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Elijah | 1 Kings 19:1-21
February 2nd, 2018
In this passage of 1 Kings, the author is trying to show us the character of God and how he relates to us. In verses 1-9, Elijah has reached his breaking point. He is fleeing from Jezebel, and is read...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Christmas Survival Guide | Reflect Make Goals
January 2nd, 2018
Happy New Years, Wesley! I hope you had a rockin’ New Year’s Eve, and are ready to welcome 2018. There are a few experiences that are quintessential “New Years” things, like staying up late to watch t...  Read More
by Devon Radford
1 Peter 1:13-25
November 29th, 2017
1 Peter was written during a time of persecution for those following Jesus. Because Peter emphasized the hope that comes from Jesus' death and resurrection in verses 3-12 in Chapter 1, 13-25 is a foll...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Exodus 3
October 25th, 2017
Chapter 3 of Exodus is full of epic Bible moments! For some brief context, the Israelites are currently enslaved in Egypt, and Moses (an Israelite raised by a princess of Egypt) has grown up and seen ...  Read More
by Devon Radford
1 Corinthians 2:1-16
September 29th, 2017
Paul is explaining to the Corinthian church the way in which he is able to preach. He wants them to understand that, ultimately, human wisdom will always fall short when compared with wisdom that come...  Read More
by Devon Radford
2 Corinthians 1:12-24
September 26th, 2017
In this passage, Paul is still informing the Corinthian church why he is writing to them, and why he intends to visit them again soon, but not at the original time he said he would. He tells the Corin...  Read More
by Devon Radford
March 20th, 2017
Loving Well: Unity within the Body of ChristYou don’t have to venture much further than your phone screen to realize that unity seems scarce. Headlines, videos, tweets, and texts bombard us on a daily...  Read More
by Devon Radford