Mission Trips

“UGA Wesley Foundation Missions exist to expand and enrich the kingdom of God by learning, serving, and ministering to people in the U.S. and abroad. Through our trips, we seek to encourage the long term workers we are hosted by, serve the communities we visit, and leave with an expanded perspective of God’s heart for all people.”

NOTE: *All prices are estimated. Deposit is $125 and is non-refundable. We do not accept cash. Make checks payable to “Wesley Foundation” and write your name on the memo line. We also accept credit/debit cards through our online giving system at ugawesley.org. There will be a 3% service charge to pay online - please account for that if paying online and remember to indicate your name in the memo line. $100 of your deposit will go to your mission trip total, $25 will go towards an admin fee.

Summer Trips

Cortez, Colorado

This trip will serve Native Americans (specifically Navajo and Ute tribal members), recent immigrants from countries in Central America, and others living in situations of intense poverty. Ministry will consist of the following: hosting a two-week long Kids' Club for primarily unreached families, elderly/hospice care, assisting at an equine therapy ranch, and prayer ministry. Kids’ Club includes a lunch program for low-income/homeless children, worship, scripture, lots of fun games, sports, and art - it’s a place for children to be provided for and loved. Students will come away with a greater perspective on God’s heart for disenfranchised, impoverished, and forgotten people. The leaders for this trip are Mellisa Deramus, Andrew Smith, Kevin Hunter, Mackenzie Wurst, and Emily Huckaby.

Estimated cost of the trip is $1,450 per person.


This small team will be partnering with Crossroads church in Edinburgh, Scotland. They will learn from local missionaries about doing outreach and evangelism in a post-modern context. They will also learn about prophetic ministry and hearing God’s voice. The team will also have the opportunity to support and encourage the team at Crossroads Church as they seek to do long-term ministry in Edinburgh and with university students at the University. Tom and Leigh-Ann Fraley, the pastors of Crossroads, moved to Edinburgh in 2008 from Omaha, Nebraska to start Crossroads. They have experience in cross-cultural missions and evangelism that they love to share with our team. The leaders for this trip are Reagan Bocook, Ansley Davenport, Ashley Busby, and Kami Hopkins.

Estimated cost of the trip is $2,500 per person.

River of Life

River of Life is a ministry located in Lincolnton, GA. This ministry serves the local community in need by building homes, wheelchair ramps, painting and serving the elderly, single mothers, and those in difficult circumstances. We are excited to partner with this ministry and serve alongside them.  The trip will take place May 16th-21st. More details to come!

The cost of the trip is $525 per person.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

UGA Wesley Foundation Mission Trips exist to expand the kingdom of God by serving and ministering to people in the U.S. and abroad. In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that there are limitations and precautions that we must put forth to fulfill this vision in order to keep everyone safe, both those going on trips and the people we will be serving. Our highest priority is to do no harm to the communities we serve through our mission trips. We will only proceed with our trips as planned if a) our Wesley staff and hosts believe that each trip has a plan in place that will allow for a safe experience for both team members and the communities we visit and b) we are able to offer a quality experience for everyone involved. Any student or staff member who signs up to go on a trip with Wesley will agree to comply with any safety measures put forth by Wesley or our hosts. This could include, but is not limited to: self-isolating before departure, taking temperature the day of departure, wearing a mask while we are doing ministry/out in public, bringing enough clean masks, taking temperatures on the trip, providing proof of a negative COVID test result within the week leading up to the trip, complying with any regulations of countries traveled to in the case of international trips. All international trips taken by Wesley this year will require all attendees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Wesley reserves the right to cancel any trip if we evaluate and determine that we can no longer offer a safe and beneficial experience for both our team and our hosts. Should Wesley cancel a trip, all unspent monies will be refunded to trip participants and donors per the guidelines and procedures determined by our Leadership Team and Board of Directors. All questions and concerns can be directed to ugawesleymissions@gmail.com.