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What if Death Could Actually Lead to Resurrection?
by Devon McCoy on March 3rd, 2021
"One person's idea of a falling away is my idea of a revival in the making." ~ Jonathan MartinI used to be really afraid of losing my faith, and then I lost it.On September 9, 2020, I was stuck in my apartment, waiting for COVID test results to come back--one of those "just in case" times. I scrolled through the endless settings on Microsoft Word, fine-tuning some album art I was working on, clear...  Read More
His Word is Life
by Devon McCoy on February 26th, 2021
A packet of printer paper 50 pages high hit my desk my junior year of high school as our teacher passed out excerpts of the Bible to our AP Language class. In my small coastal California town, there was nothing seen as wrong with studying the Bible in public school, as long as we studied it for what the teacher believed it was: an important piece of historical, fictional literature.The Spring of 2...  Read More
Promises are Louder than Fear
by Devon McCoy on February 17th, 2021
I can tell you where I was the moment I found out the capitol was being attacked by terrorists. January 6th, I was sitting in my dining room talking with one of my roommates while she was making lunch.I got a notification on my phone that read, “U.S. capitol is under attack.”I remember reading that headline and sitting my phone down because I thought, Surely this cannot actually be happening. A fe...  Read More
Keep Showing Up
by Devon McCoy on February 12th, 2021
Don’t be afraid of doubt.God meets you in your doubt if you let Him in.My freshman year of college, I was met with all of these ideas that I thought collided with my faith and meant I could no longer believe in God.  I tried to run from them, but they kept coming back.  My doubts became a burden that made normal life really hard.  When in class, I wrestled with them.  When I was with my friends, t...  Read More