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There is a Friend who Sticks Closer than a Brother
by Devon McCoy on October 4th, 2021
This past weekend I attended my best friend’s wedding, and although I am not normally an emotional guy, I spent much of the ceremony crying my eyes out! I cried because of how much I love Jonathan and his now wife, Alison. More importantly, I cried because I was so moved by God’s faithfulness in our lives. Jonathan and I were not always best friends, and if it were not for the voice of God, I don’...  Read More
Sovereign and Faithful
by Devon McCoy on October 1st, 2021
When asked to write for this blog, I was given the task to write about a single encounter I had with God that revealed more of His character. At first glance, this should be a pretty easy and straightforward topic to communicate on paper. I mean, as Christians, we encounter God everyday in a variety of ways, but I think it’s a matter of choosing to notice whether it’s Him or not. So it’s not becau...  Read More
A Consistent Faithfulness
by Devon McCoy on September 21st, 2021
Trust. This is a concept that I find to be intensely lacking in our culture. We live in such an individualistic culture where you have to do everything yourself and also where we just constantly expect people to not live up to their word. Everyone probably has at least one important (but probably several) events where the people we love and care about did not show up even though they said they wou...  Read More
Reigniting Embers
by Devon McCoy on September 14th, 2020
This week, we are harkening back to our past. The blogs this week have been written by past directors who are a part of Wesley’s rich history partnering with God.  Even now, we have opportunity to step into more of what God was doing then. We are “re-digging the wells of our fathers” (Genesis 26:18).Re-digging Wells of Prayer“It was April 2007. I was pouting in the back of my parents' minivan on t...  Read More