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You've Never Failed Me Yet
by Devon McCoy on April 9th, 2021
I have always believed in God’s ability to do physical healing. I’m not really sure why I have had unshakeable faith in the face of difficult times, except to say that it has been a gift of faith. I would read accounts in the gospels of Jesus healing people, or the early Christian church after Pentecost, and I was confident that the same things are still possible today through the Holy Spirit.As I...  Read More
My Name Means Listener of God
by Devon McCoy on April 9th, 2021
My name means listener of God But I wasn’t always able to hear. It wasn’t until I was two that my parents found out my adenoids were blocking sound from entering my ears. I was “deaf” the first two years of my life.  But my name means listener of God. I was 13 when I noticed something was off. I struggled to hear my teachers. I was asking everyone to repeat themselves. The doctors did tests only t...  Read More
Mental Health and God
by Devon McCoy on March 28th, 2021
There is one subject I don't know if I will ever understand the fullness of, though it feels like I have been chasing understanding within its depths for all of my life. The very sea that feels endless and uncertain is mental health. It seems so complex to even begin to dive into for myself, let alone for several other people. To be honest, I am not sure why I dive into the very chasms that scare ...  Read More
Living Hope
by Devon McCoy on February 24th, 2021
For a few years I struggled with progressive, chronic pain. What started out as severe migraines led to me practically missing a semester of school, stepping down from some of the things that I loved, visits to numerous doctors with the weirdest specialties, and having days where I couldn’t be touched at times because the pain in my body was so severe. I have never contended for something in praye...  Read More
Step Out of Shame
by Devon McCoy on December 6th, 2020
Shame is a complex thing. If I could describe shame as a color, it would be neon yellow. If I could describe shame as a smell, it would be mildew. If I could describe shame as a taste, it would be spoiled milk. Shame is loud, it demands to be seen; shame lingers; shame leaves a gross feeling with you the second you give in to it.  Shame is also sneaky and manipulative. Sometimes, you don’t even re...  Read More
The Outcome is Greater
by Devon McCoy on October 28th, 2020
To say 2020 has not been the year I was expecting is an understatement. Amidst a global pandemic and racial injustice I find myself questioning where God is in all of this. I would be lying if I said I haven’t gotten angry at God this year. I have felt more alone than ever and have been battling an eating disorder that seems to control me everyday. Last week when I was talking to God and trying to...  Read More
An Ignited Hunger
by Devon McCoy on September 18th, 2020
This week, we are harkening back to our past. The blogs this week have been written by past directors who are a part of Wesley’s rich history partnering with God.  Even now, we have opportunity to step into more of what God was doing then. We are “re-digging the wells of our fathers” (Genesis 26:18). Re-digging Wells of The Holy Spirit Have you ever sat in the backseat of your own car?Car parked, ...  Read More