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Desperate Faith
January 10th, 2023
Hi Wesley! I hope you enjoyed our study of Luke during the advent season! In the beginning of Luke, we studied the birth of Jesus and the beginning of his ministry. I will be focusing on the section o...  Read More
by Devon Radford
An Invitation
April 8th, 2020
Recently the Lord was speaking about the Passover to me in way that I had never really paid attention to before. After spending some time studying the history and context of the Passover from the deli...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Even After All this Time
February 9th, 2020
I want to share my story with you. It’s a bit complex, but I believe it’s a testimony for anyone who hears it to stand on. So bear with me. I’m going to unravel some deep parts of my story and how int...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Abundance & Giving
November 28th, 2019
When people ask me what I do at Wesley I usually give them a little smile and brace myself for their reaction before I reply, “I do fundraising for Wesley.” For most people, fundraising sounds like se...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Jehovah Jireh
September 30th, 2019
To me, the root of anxiety is the need for control. But we don’t always have control of things. Actually a lot of things we don’t have any control over at all. But we try to control it. We want contro...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Let Go and Give In
August 23rd, 2019
"And I have now chosen and consecrated this temple so that my name may be there forever; my eyes and my heart will be there at all times." - 2 Chronicles 7:16 You are His temple.Return my son. Return ...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Our True Provider
June 19th, 2019
So many times there are things in our life that we think are too much for God.  We think that we have to fix them ourselves or figure out how to maneuver our way through life while dealing with these ...  Read More
by Devon Radford
The Source of Life
June 17th, 2019
Imagine our entire Wesley body, all 1000 + of us climbing up a mountain together. Now imagine that times five. Climbing up the mountain step by step, a crowd so thick forming not even the mountain top...  Read More
by Devon Radford
He Orchestrates Everything for Good
April 6th, 2019
“Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens; who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls forth each of them by name. Because of His great power and mighty strength, no...  Read More
by Devon Radford
God is Provider
March 27th, 2019
When people ask me what my favorite flower is I usually say wildflowers! This may sound cliché or basic but I feel like wildflowers have a way of just being whatever they need to be for whatever seaso...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Testimony | Thankfulness
November 21st, 2018
“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven,” - Ecclesiastes 3:1 ESVFor me, it is helpful to have a dedicated time for giving thanks carved out in the calendar. I confe...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Elijah | 1 Kings 19:1-21
February 2nd, 2018
In this passage of 1 Kings, the author is trying to show us the character of God and how he relates to us. In verses 1-9, Elijah has reached his breaking point. He is fleeing from Jezebel, and is read...  Read More
by Devon Radford
Exodus 16-17
November 7th, 2017
The Israelites left Egypt about a month and a half ago. They are traveling from Elim to the wilderness of Sin. As they travel they complain to Moses and Aaron and wonder why they couldn't have died in...  Read More
by Devon Radford
2 Corinthians 9:6-15
October 13th, 2017
Giving. The concept of giving does not bother our generation. We love supporting charities and missions and good causes and weird causes and niche kickstarters. We sponsor kids and cows and cats.These...  Read More
by Devon Radford